Center of Excellence

Center Of Excellence is the premium service for schools & colleges.

Under COE, CCFIS deals into such objectives which ensures the safety and security on cyber front. The 5 stars of COE are:

Create awareness among the students and faculty/staff of both IT and Non-IT background.

CCFIS NOIDA team will visit the client’s campus to conduct introductory session on Cyber Security.

CCFIS will select 4-5 student ambassadors.

These students will be given special training on cyber security and cyber forensics. This specialized training will be conducted at CCFIS Training arena in Noida. The students will be taught on hands-on practical method.

There will be dedicated 4-5 days of training period by CCFIS technical team. The days of training entirely depends upon the new projects that students will be starting.

CCFIS will develop an IT set-up with the help of renowned 14 years old company, AKC Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

This set-up will provide the students to conduct their researches on the live projects they had taken up. This arena will be 24x7 connected with CCFIS Technical Team at Noida.

The doubts and requirements on the project will be tackled remotely. This way, the extra effort by client’s management to monitor their students will be prevented.

CCFIS Flagship Product, ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION SENSOR will be deployed to protect the client’s IT infrastructure.

To know more about CCFIS ATP Sensor, click on this link.

CCFIS developed platforms. E-protect and E-forum will be launched at the campus.

E-Protect- This portal is a complaint portal for students, faculties and staffs where they can lodge any cyber related complaint. These issues can be the case of cyber harassments and any cyber incident. To know more about E-Protect, Click this link.

E-Forum - This online platform has answers to all your cyber queries. On CCFIS E-Forum, Cyber security professionals are active to answer any query posted. To know more about E-Forum, Click this link.

With the launch of COE at your campus, CCFIS ensures an additional layer of cyber security. Few campuses who have COE at Jaipur, Lucknow, Manesar and Gwalior have appreciated CCFIS for its dedication to achieve its mission.

Here is a golden opportunity for the schools and colleges to take another major step towards getting secured on cyber front.

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