Social Media Intelligence

What is Social Media Intelligence?

Social media platform is the best way to analyze the mood of your customer and target audiences. Information gathering is now no more a headache for any researcher in marketing.

But social media platform is also huge. It is almost impossible to reach out to every individual’s profile to check their mood and seek for genuine replies.

CCFIS has come up with social media intelligence tool gather intelligence information from social media world. It is a web application where you will be asked to enter a keyword. There is a separate interface for both Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Once you type a keyword, it will fetch every updates, comments and posts from Facebook & Tweets from Twitter.

How is it useful?

Without SMI, to gather intelligence information about any product, you might have visited every single profile irrespective of a fact that you never know whether the user is talking about your product/services or not. Thus SMI save your time, saves money, gives more information in minimum effort and costs nothing.

There are many such products which guarantee to provide authentic data but in real it’s not. The USP of SMI is it’s smart filtering option. Only this option can provide Information out of Data.

SMI can be used for Law Enforcement Agencies, Multinational Corporations, Advertising Agencies, Public Relation and Corporate Communication agencies or professionals, Marketing companies and Business Development departments.

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