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manshu posted 5 days ago at 9:57 am
Hi everyone,

please let me know which technology is best as a security point of view and why?

While visiting over any website, booking tickets, creating an account or buy something, you probably have seen tests that asked you to prove that “You are not a robot” such as a tiny image containing letters and numbers, and asked to type those characters into a text box provided next to it, or a checkbox which requested to click and subsequently choose some pictures of a particular o
Aradhna Bhagat posted Feb 28 at 4:56 pm
What exactly spam is, we have discussed it earlier in details, and in the simple word “Spam is an internet jargon that used to promote the services or products and to communicate with people.”

Now in the closing part of the “Spam” series, we will discuss several tips that can help users to avoid email spam.

According to the Wikipedia, Botnets, networks of vi
Aradhna Bhagat posted Feb 7 at 11:12 am

Cookies are small text files that contain very small amounts of data, which servers pass to user’s web browser when they visit websites, in simple word “Cookie” is a message that a websites plant on user’s browser so that it could remember details regarding user for forthcoming time. It is known with many names such as Computer Cookies, HTTP Cookies, Web Cookies o
recent by Aradhna Bhagat  ·  Feb 28 at 11:03 am
Aradhna Bhagat posted Feb 21 at 11:29 am
Every email user is very much familiar with the word “Spam ”, and quite often get it in their mailbox. Spam annoys us with useless and unwanted emails, as an email user if we dislike anything that is spam mails. The spammer uses it as a tool to reach people with his particular intention and sometime it could be dangerous for the receiver.

Spam is an internet jargon and on the ba
recent by Aradhna Bhagat  ·  Feb 28 at 10:59 am
According to the Akamai’s new report, which has been shared on Wednesday, “almost 40% of over 53,000 cyber-attacks in India occurred in the financial services sector during 2017, placing it at the seventh spot in the list of targeted countries for Web Application Attacks (WAA)”.

They said, in India security incidents are rapidly growing in the BFSI (Banking, Financial
According to the “Internet in India 2017” report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Kantar IMRB, The number of Internet users in India is about to cross 500 million by June 2018.

In December 2017, the Internet users in India was estimated to be 481 million with 35% overall Internet penetration of the total population, which was a growth o
City Union Bank issued a statement on Sunday (18th Feb) that cyber criminals had hacked its systems and transferred almost $2 million from its “Kumbakonam” branch via the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system.

City union bank said that “During our reconciliation process on 7th February 18, it was found out that 3 fraudulent transa

As the smart or IOT devices are giving ease to user’s life and its demand has been increased in markets, consequently cyber-criminals are also adopting modern ways to attack users in this techno world.

In Russia, Russian Authorities arrested “Denis Zayev” in Stavropol for cheating many car owners with malware attack on smart gas pumps. They discovered that attacker ins
recent by Lakshay Malhotra  ·  Feb 22 at 12:51 pm
As per the Security researchers from Malwarebytes, scammers used phishing emails to steal user’s financial information. These emails were ranging in date from 2-6th February.

However, most of them phishing sites already lead to deactivated, but innocent users should be aware with some of the tricks, which used to lure people into handing over payment details at the moment.

A single character “జ్ఞ ” of Telugu language is making headlines these days for crashing Apple products such as iPhone, iPads, Mac and Watch OS.

According to the report, “devices running on iOS 11 are affected and crash when any application receives the character”.

This is basically “text bomb ” bug, if user receives a message,

Image Source:
It’s good news for Instagram users, who are missing screenshot alerts feature in it. Instagram will soon introduce a feature that will show users when someone else take a screenshot of their story like other social media platforms. Users will notify with the warning message that the next time if they take a screenshot of a friend’s story the friend wi
According to Microsoft shared report on Tuesday, in India, “millennial generation (ages 18-34) had the highest levels of risk exposure in 2017”.

In this techno freak world, we love to stay online, socializing, posting, reading, analyzing, sharing, gaming and do learning as well, and many more things that we haven’t counted here. There is no doubt to say that technology has

Good news for WhatsApp users, very soon you will be able to do group video calls through WhatsApp, as this Facebook-owned company is rolling out many new updates to the platform in order to enhance the user experience, so the “group video calls ” most awaited feature is there in the list.

Messaging giant WhatsApp recently announced that the platform has over 1.5 million mo
“Jio” is a familiar and trusted brand name in the telecommunication industries and after news of Reliance Jio to launch its own cryptocurrency Jio emerged, fraudsters thought to cash this opportunity and designed fake “Reliance Jio Coin Website” and several fake “Jio Coin” apps that claimed as a cryptocurrency exchange platform but in reality steal user’s
As an internet user whenever we have any query, prefer to search it on google or any other search engines and after writing query on search bar, hit the “enter” and we get the list of web results and as a happy user we click on initial links or pages which are mentioned on web results.

This is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique that helps websites links for coming on
Nowadays in competitive market, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role and it is the top most important thing for online marketing, as it creates potential for business.

This article on “What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? ” will include some more tips or techniques of SEO. As we all want to increase traffics for our websites or blogs. And these are:


Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro is a utility for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 that allows users to log into their PCs or validate to configured websites using fingerprint recognition.

Lenovo has fixed a hard-coded password vulnerability (CVE-2017-3762), which encodes sensitive data stored by Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro such as fingerprint data and login credentials using a poorly designed algo

According to security firm Sucuri, thousands of WordPress websites have been infected by attackers, as they are injecting malicious scripts into targeted WordPress websites database and conceding it.

Last year security firm discovered the “” malware, which was both keylogger and the cryptocurrency miner CoinHive and originally identified in April 2017.


Meltdown and Spectre are perilous vulnerabilities in the modern processors, which revealed by researchers earlier in this month in many servers, cloud, personal computers, and smartphones. These chip vulnerabilities allow attackers to read and steal user’s personal information such as stored password, photos, messages and many others sensitive information.

When Intel released patc
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process or technique of increasing the online visibility in natural way to a website or web pages by following the algorithm or set rules of search engine. How frequently a website appears in the search results, the more visitors will get and visitors can be converted into customers, and basically with the help of this technique websites could increase their

WordPress, which is an online, free and open source content management system (CMS) or in simple word open source website creation tool based on PHP and MySQL, has released update 4.9.2 that patches XSS vulnerability and 21 other bugs.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) has widely protracted and already created lots of noise among WordPress users. An attacker can execute malicious and untruste

This is a good news for all the Skype users. Signal protocol that used by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, and Signal, also introduced in Skype to implements end-to-end encryption.

With the help of this implementation Skype conversations would be private and no one with wrong intentions especially attackers would be able to spy on users.

Microsoft has announced end-to-en
As an internet user whenever we have any query, prefer to search it on google or any other search engine and after writing query on search bar hit the “enter” and we get the list of web results and as a happily user we click on initial links or pages which are mentioned on web results.

Have you ever thought that why some of these websites links are on the top?, If it came in mind
Security researchers from Trend Micro have revealed 36 malicious apps on Google Play Store which they found in December’17 that impersonated as famous security tools.

These 36 apps personated as security tools like Security Defender, Security Keeper, Smart Security, Advanced Boost, and many more, they also promoted some of the features including scanning, cleaning junk, saving bat
Aradhna Bhagat posted Jan 10 at 10:10 am
These days attackers don’t perform direct attacks, they are changing their ways to fulfill their wishes in every possible way.

Tab-napping is a new sophisticated way of phishing attack, which doesn’t request users to click on any URL or links to redirect them to the phishing or malicious websites.

Basically it targets those users who use to open many tabs while browsing at the
A group of researchers revealed that how marketing firms have started misusing the defect in browser’s built-in password managers that allow them to secretly take email address. The congregated data allow them to aim advertising across different browsers and devices.
A Researchers from Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy has revealed that at least two marketi

A UK man Grant West, 25 has pleaded guilty last week for attacking on 17 known websites and selling stolen user information over the Dark Web.

Grant West, who used online identity as “Courvoisier”, confessed to carrying out brute-force attacks on Uber, Groupon, T Mobile, Just Eat, Ladbrokes, Asda, Argos, Nectar, Sainsburys,, Coral Betting, Vitality, RS Feva Class Asso

Kaspersky Labs discovered a new android malware sample – “Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi” and they called it “jack of all trades” because this android malware has ability to conduct a range of malicious activities such as mining cryptocurrencies, annoying users with constant ads, also launch DDoS attacks from the affected device and much more activities.

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